“I started my speaker training business over 15 years ago and the smartest decision I ever made was to go with Direct Pay as my merchant account. Over the years I have processed over a million of dollars from live events, products, and coaching and have never had a problem getting my money. Working with Direct Pay has been seamless. Many competitors have asked for my business, but they just can’t deliver what Direct Pay can. If you are a speaker, coach, or author Direct Pay is your best option.” - Arvee Robinson

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Become a member of DirectPay and pay no annual fees - for the life of your account!

What you’ll get as a member of DirectPay: 

  • Seamless, secure credit card acceptance for payments over the phone, online and in-person 
  • Access to advanced features including automated recurring billing, multi-currency pricing and tools for website checkout 
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager who is familiar with your account for quick support
  • Member benefits including discounts on business services, free tickets to industry events, education from 7 Figure+ members and more! 

Have questions about switching to DirectPay? Connect with a Relationship Manager at your convenience using our calendar:

No cancellation fees

Our average client has been with us for 10+ years - but if you want to end your membership, do so at any time without any obligation. 

Your money is secure

We pride ourselves on preventing the account freezes and chargebacks other processors and 3rd party solutions like PayPal are notorious for. 

Up in 2-3 business days

We take the time to set up you up right so there's no stop in cashflow - but with our 98% approval rating you'll be processing ASAP. 

In good company

Our community includes thousands of coaches, speakers and other service professionals. We know the industry and love to create connections.

No charge for support

Our Relationship Managers are ready to help resolve issues quickly - and with 24/7 account monitoring, you won't be needing support often anyway! 

A partner vs a vendor

We get to know your business - and get to know you - so you are set up for growth and true sustainability. We love supporting and promoting our people!

"In the last decade, my home-based business has grown to a multi-million dollar company. All along I've had the amazing privilege to work with DirectPay. I have to say I've had some nightmare providers in the past, so I do not take this relationship lightly. Now we've made the Inc 500 fastest growing companies in the US! What makes it all go smoothly is the engine behind us: DirectPay."  

 - Lisa Sasevich, The Invisible Close 

"If you are a coach or professional and are serious about your business you need the ability to accept credit/debit cards. DirectPay is hands-down the best provider of merchant accounts. The fees are minimal and the peace of mind and professionalism far exceeds the cost. DirectPay provides unsurpassed customer service and support. One of the best investments a coach can make in their business!"  

- Michelle Schubnel, Coach & Grow R.I.C.H

Pricing Plans

Additional Features

  • Automated Recurring Billing 
  • Simple Checkout
  • eCheck Acceptance 
  • Invoicing
  • CRM & Shopping Cart Integration
  • Address Verification System (AVS) 
  • Advanced Fraud Detection Suite 
  • Mobile Pay Options
  • Printers & Terminals

Our Team

You’ve closed the sale – now it’s time to get paid. The transaction should be seamless and hassle-free for you and your client. Rest easy knowing your money gets where it belongs with the industry-trusted payment processor who gets to know your business.  

With DirectPay, you can accept credit cards anytime, anywhere with a custom plan: your Relationship Manager builds your system with a variety of features, including automated recurring billing and an online shopping cart to keep cash flowing in and put your marketing on auto-pilot.  

Visit us online at www.directpayinc.com or call (800) 326-9897 and see how you can simplify the payment side of your business!